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Paisley Roofing and Sheet Metal’s commitment to roof maintenance and repair is not limited to the roof itself.  We offer many services that will enhance the stability and the lifespan of your roof including soffit and fascia installation or repair, gutter installation or repair, and termite damage repair.  Our licensed and insured roofing contractors can handle any issue that you experience in relation to your roof

Soffit and Fascia

​Soffit and fascia are protective elements on your home that help alleviate moisture build-up in your property’s rafters while also increasing the ventilation those areas receive, helping your roof’s support structures withstand weathering over time.  Because soffit and fascia are often made of wood, however, these structures on the underside and overhang of the roof which help keep your home or commercial property protected from damage may, in fact, become damaged themselves. Homeowners may see signs of weathering in the form of peeling paint, water marks, or wood rot over time, and if this is the case on your property, call Paisley Roofing and Sheet Metal to assess the damage and develop a plan that will help to ensure that your home weathers the elements for years to come.  And if you are looking to install new soffit and fascia, Paisley Roofing and Sheet Metal can handle that job as well by offering options not only made of wood but also ones made of aluminum and vinyl.  Adding new soffit and fascia to a home or commercial property instantly gives the structure a facelift and contributes not only to the function of the space but also to its overall beauty.

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Gutter Repair and Replacement

With Paisley Roofing and Sheet Metal, there is no need to call out a separate gutter company while installing or repairing a roof.  Our team of professionals can do simple gutter repair, replace or install a whole gutter system, or anything in between.  Having gutters on your property is especially important in Southeast Louisiana as the summer months tend to be exceptionally blustery, and we must be prepared for a deluge at any time.  Gutters are an extremely important part of the façade of any home or commercial property as gutters assist in helping roofs, soffit, and fascia dry quickly after rain while also drawing water away from a property’s foundation ensuring its integrity and keeping outside landscaping intact even under the most extreme conditions. 
If you are looking to repair, update, or install a gutter system, look no further.  Our team of insured professionals can handle any issue you have with existing gutters including unclogging gutters, resealing or replacing leaking gutters, or replacing downspouts.  Paisley Roofing and Sheet Metal also has many affordable options for property owners looking to install new gutters including gutters made of aluminum, copper, or galvalume that come in a variety of colors and styles to pair functionality with the natural beauty of your home or commercial property.  Our team of experts can install traditional gutters or seamless gutters that are built on site and fashioned specifically for your structure.  And we can also install durable gutter guards made of powder-coated steel.  These gutter guards will help to catch storm debris and decrease the occurrences of clogs, making your gutters easier to maintain over time and offering added protection to the property owner.
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Termite Repair Mandeville

Sometimes sneaky little pests get into a property’s roofing system and cause damage, and if this happens, it can often feel overwhelming to a property owner.  But there is truly no cause to worry as Paisley Roofing and Sheet Metal is prepared to help in instances of termite damage as well.  Because we are such experts on roofing systems and their supportive structures, we are also experts when something goes wrong and can come out quickly to assess damages, provide you with a plan for repair, and get the work done quickly and efficiently.  Termites love to settle in areas where water is allowed to accumulate which is why it is so important for property owners to maintain the integrity of their roofs and supportive structures over time by doing necessary repairs, but even when you have done all you can, pests sometimes invade.  When they do, our team of professionals can help by replacing or repairing roof structures including rafters, eaves, and beams as well as repairing or replacing any support structures that have been compromised as a result of these pests.  

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Paisley Roofing and Sheet Metal does so much more than just installing, repairing, and replacing roofs.  We care about our customers and seek to ensure that their properties get the support they need by attending to many issues related to a roof’s supportive structures.  If you are in need of help with any job, big or small, contact our roofing contractors today.  Our team of professionals will come out quickly, talk to you about the issues you are seeing, do a thorough examination of your property, and offer you options on how to get your home or commercial property in tip-top shape once again.